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I'm Jason. If you know your football, you’ll know me as a player, but you might also know me as a coach, manager, football administrator or as the guy who talks about race on TV.

Hi, I’m Jason

EDI consultant. Board member. Former player.

Wherever we’ve crossed paths, you’ll know my goal is to make society fairer for people who don’t always get the chances they deserve. I’m all about making things happen, so I’m using my football, governance and EDI experience to create space for honest conversations that inspire real change.

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Making society fairer
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Discussing discrimination, life and overcoming challenges with some of the most interesting people I know.


Improving equity, diversity & inclusivity

I’ve spent a decade fighting discrimination in football, helping organisations learn how to avoid bias and shaping welcoming, diverse teams. To support organisations looking to improve inclusivity, I deliver talks and workshops that enable teams to question bias, consider the power of language and understand intention versus impact.

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Candid conversations
That inspire action

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